Beyonders are an enemy in The Consuming Shadow. They are one of the new enemy variants that appear in the Insanity Edition.

Description Edit

Any common enemy can randomly be converted into a Beyonders type with increased Sanity loss from their attacks. You can distinguish them from the low Sanity disillusioned enemies and Shroudeds by their distorted double overlay effect.

Hoppers, Soldier Buzzers and Spitters have a higher chance of appearing with this effect on higher threat levels.

In-game description Edit

Many different levels of reality layer upon ours, most of which we have no means of viewing or accessing (and for that we should be grateful). It seems to be possible for certain entities to exist on more than one level at a time. Such creatures have a strange, distorted appearance, madly blurring and vibrating like a poor quality TV picture. While they have the same physical properties, their touch may induce visions of extradimensional planes that could drive a layman raving mad in an instant.

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