Big birther

The Big Birther's files image.

The Big Birther is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.

Description Edit


Tips for fighting Edit

  • When the Big Birther rears up to start spawning Scuttlers, each Scuttler can be killed with a melee attack as they spawn if the player can get into the rhythm of it.
  • Since there is no damage taken from physical contact, and the Big Birther has not direct way of harming the player, melee is a valid and recommended option.

In-game description Edit

There have been stories of a more advanced form of Birther that seems to be the result of a cultist being parasitized willingly. By some perverse arcane technique, they are able to exert control over the parasites, and have been known to expel them as an impromptu ballistic weapon. They can also move around with extraordinary speed upon a pair of elongated, powerful legs either created by fleshcrafting or sheer effort of will, and possess surprising physical endurance. However, their habit of moving around on their back means that they frequently have to sit up to see where they are going, and in these moments, a gunshot to its head will be as damaging as it is to any other life-form.

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