The Birther's files image.

The Birther is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.

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Tips for fighting Edit

  • One hollowpoint bullet followed by an armour piercing bullet will kill a Birther.
  • Killing a Birther with a melee attack is not recommended, as when it dies, two Scuttlers and a Worker Buzzer will burst out from its corpse.
  • Five default damage melee strikes followed by a 9mm bullet will kill a Birther.

In-game description Edit

The birther has many hideous qualities, not least of which being that it is a living human. This seems to be the fate of missing persons who are carried away by Buzzers to their foetid nests: their bodies are implanted with egg sacs to the point they cannot stand, only crawl on their bellies, emitting muffled noises of pain as the weight crushes their face into the floor. After a brief incubation period, Buzzers at varying stages of development burst traumatically from the poor wretch at a constant rate, while some demented flesh engineering keeps the host alive throughout the living hell. Death will be a mercy, but keep your distance as you deliver the final blow, as what parasites remain will flee as the host expires.

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