Bullets are used in dungeons to shoot monsters from a distance. The supply of ammunition is limited, making bullets somewhat precious.

There are three bullet types: Standard 9mm, Armour Piercing, and Hollowpoint. Without upgrades from a Birth Star, the protagonist can hold up to six (6) bullets of each ammo type. The player also starts the game at full capacity of Standard 9mm bullets.

Ammo Types Edit

Standard 9mm: Ordinary bullets. The least powerful of the ammo types, but still more powerful than melee.

Armour Piercing: These bullets pierce through multiple enemies in a straight line. Best used with mobs of enemies, such as off-road encounters or "congregation" rooms. According to the creator Yahtzee, this type of bullet deals x2 damage.

Hollowpoint: These bullets are quite powerful against single targets, dealing considerably more damage than Standard 9mm or AP rounds. Use these on tough, troublesome enemies or boss monsters. According to the creator Yahtzee, this type of bullets deals x3 damage.

Acquiring Ammunition Edit

Bullets can be acquired in two main ways:

  • Found as loot inside dungeons.
    • Whenever the player checks a loot container or dropped enemy item, there is a percentage chance of finding 2 - 3 bullets of a certain ammo type.
    • If the player already has full or nearly-full ammo and finds more of the same type, any extra ammunition will be lost. Because the player cannot leave loot behind after searching a container, the player may want to shoot enemies with max-capacity ammo types to make room for extra rounds.
  • Purchased in safe towns by choosing the "Look for supplies" option.
    • In addition to a special item, each vendor will always sell at least two different kinds of ammunition in limited quantities.
    • Prices vary between vendor, and most prices range between 1 - 5 pounds per bullet. Generally, 9mm is cheapest, AP is more expensive, and Hollowpoint is most expensive, though this can vary.

Apart from shooting, the player can also lose (or sometimes gain) bullets in random events, such as when a police officer searches the vehicle and confiscates the player's AP and Hollowpoint ammo.

Suicide Edit

Gun wielding characters can cancel the fatal aspect of the suicide mini game if they carry absolutely no ammo. This means zero bullets of any kind. They can still kill themselves in the various bad endings, however, even with no ammo.

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