Sample of notebook and clue table.

Clues are pivotal to learning the banishment ritual and identifying the correct invading god. Clues are like spells in that they are always randomized for each playthrough. You cannot expect your clues in one run to be reused in another.

Clues can be obtained by looting dungeons. If you use the Clairvoyance spell, they may appear in yellow squares on the map. There are two types of clues: direct and indirect.

Direct clues

These clues will be stored within your character's Notes.

  • Clues that reveal specific traits for a god. Such as "___ is associated with the colour orange." or "The orange god is associated with the __ rune."
  • Gods' names and their relationship with one another. Such as "___ is the enemy of ___." and other variants.
  • A part of the banishment ritual which will be written in the spellbook. These clues can only be obtained by finishing a dungeon.
  • Who is invading or not invading. Such as "The god identified by the 'BTI' rune is NOT the invading god." These clues can only be obtained by finishing a dungeon.
Indirect clues
  • Corpses in dungeons will inform you of a god's aspect (i.e. Madness, Fear, etc.).
  • Runes on walls. Their colours and runes themselves indicate the gods' affiliation with one another.
  • Harder versions of the occult text dungeons will tell you to open the box of a god's colour or rune, but these clues will not be stored within the Notes.
  • The coloured barrier surrounding a Cultist or Summoner will always be the same of the god of the dungeon. If you are in Stonehenge, the colour is the same as the invading god.
  • Runes in the banishment chamber will glow with the invading god's colour when there is four or less hours left.

Clues can be logic puzzles depending on their vagueness. For example, you might have clues that say, "Byarla is the enemy of Chzo." and "Chzo is the ally of Gnix." Since the invader's enemy cannot also be an ally, it means Chzo or Gnix could be the invading god.

The Daily Challenge in the Insanity Edition will always spawn the same set of clues for the same character. This means you can replay the Daily Challenge with the same character indefinitely to obtain clues and write them down in a separate text file as you play. Once you've gathered enough clues, you can immediately head to Stonehenge to banish the correct god.

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