The Cougher's files image.

The Cougher is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.

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Tips for fighting Edit

  • A reliable method of killing a Cougher is to stay far away enough so that it can't hurt the player, shoot it with one 9mm bullet and then sprint up to it and finish it off with one melee strike (non-upgraded melee damage is enough for this) before it can attack.

In-game description Edit

The Cougher is a vile lump of tumorous tissue sitting atop a pair of deceptively humanlike legs. It's 'torso' is honeycombed with something not dissimilar to lung tissue, in which a variety of toxic fungi and flora appear to have been encouraged to grow. The creature has only rudimentary senses, and no instinct for self-preservation; upon sensing a threat it simply moves in close and violently ejects clouds of poisonous spores. It is a creature born, not of evolution, but demented fleshcrafting, and intended only to serve as a defensive weapon; a living landmine. And like landmines, they are quite harmless if kept at a distance. With that in mind, be wary of its surprisingly fast movement speed.

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