The Dangler is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.

Description Edit

This monster slides towards you, suspended from the railing.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • When hitting or being hit, it will go into a swing animation. During the swinging animation, it cannot be damaged - any bullets will go through it and be wasted.
  • The Dangler can be shot while still or as its charging.
  • A Dangler can be killed with two hollowpoint bullets followed by an armour piercing round.
  • It's possible to hit the Dangler while just outside of its attack range, by aligning oneself at just the edge of its sprite. If the player can get into the rhythm of striking with melee just as it enters its moving state, killing it should be easy.
  • The dangler will move very slightly between hits, even with perfect timing. The player should take note and reposition themselves periodically, to avoid it either hitting them or moving out of melee range.

In-game description Edit

The Dangler is a member of one of the misguided cults that worship the Ancients, expressing their devotion through extreme body modification. A cultist's body is integrated into an ornate metal device that dangles from the ceiling on metal cables, in a process that seems to intentionally cause mind-shattering levels of pain and trauma. The cult then seems to employ them as a security device. Travelling upon ceiling-mounted rails, the Dangler can build up considerable speed and ram intruders with extremely damaging force. Shooting it mid-charge will stop it in its tracks, but this requires a steady hand and good reflexes. It is uncertain how the Dangler propels itself. It is suggested that the constant pain and madness gives them a direct connection to their god's unnatural influence.


If the player character dies against it, their Logbook entry will begin with, "Died from the heavy impact of a swinging Dangler".

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