The Fat Man is an enemy and hunter in The Consuming Shadow.


Description Edit

The Fat Man wears a trench coat and a fedora. It can spawn from any door in a given room. If it gets into close range, its face morphs into a fist looking structure, hitting the protagonist in the head with a hefty amount of HP loss to boot. He can be killed and drops minor loot, but more bullets are spent that can be expected to be found. If killed, he stays dead within that dungeon, though this doesn't mean he can't spawn again in another dungeon later.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • Because the Fat Man has a strong melee attack, trying to kill him in close combat, while possible, is not recommended.
  • The Fat Man can be killed instantly with the Circle of Death spell, making him somewhat of just another simple enemy for the Wizard.
  • The Fat Man does not have any special drops, so unless there are still some rooms in the dungeon in need of exploration, there isn't much point in killing him.
  • The player can tell when the Fat Man has spawned in the room by his deep chuckle.

In-game description Edit

The Fat Man is a creature of above-average intelligence that seeks to imitate human beings. Like many of its fellows it is technically amorphous, but it chooses to adopt a humanoid form and dress in human clothes, all the while making a constant throat sound not dissimilar to human sniggering. This could be an attempt at espionage, or perhaps it merely envies human society. Whatever the case, the Fat Man is astonishingly tough. It shows no discomfort even after multiple gunshots, and when it gets close, it delivers fast, unexpected jabs that can devastate a human victim. It also pursues foes with the relentlessness of a hunting dog. The best advice is to save your ammunition and simply flee.


If the player character dies against it, their Logbook entry will begin with, "Bludgeoned to death by the Fat Man".

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