The Floater's files image.

The Floater is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.

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Tips for fighting Edit

  • If the player has double melee damage from spending their Birth Stars on the Bull, the smaller Floaters can be killed in one strike as they orbit each other when spawned.
  • The smaller Floaters will despawn if hit off-screen. They can also travel off screen when flying past the player or while orbiting each other when they spawn.

In-game description Edit

The creature termed the Floater, while manifesting in our universe, seems to be simultaneously tied to another, where physics operate differently. All conventional tests indicate that it is a ball of gas, and yet, it seems to be heavy and unyielding, and capable of giving foes a nasty scrape as it moves past. It is a slow-moving creature, if it even is a 'creature' in the conventional sense of the word, but when physically threatened will divide its mass in two, with both halves attacking independantly with speed and aggression. Gunning them down requires good aim; beating them off at close range requires good timing.


If the player character dies against it, their Logbook entry will begin with, "Bled to death from being scraped by an aggressive Floater".

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