Gasbags are an enemy in The Consuming Shadow. They are one of the new enemy variants that appear in the Insanity Edition.

Description Edit

Any common enemy can randomly be converted into a Gasbag type, meaning they can't be hit at close range without suffering damage. Like a dying Morass, try to keep your distance when fighting them.

Floaters and Soldier Buzzers have a higher chance of appearing with this effect on higher threat levels. If a Gasbag Floater is destroyed, its smaller sections will not carry the toxic effect.

In-game description Edit

Whatever blasted hellscape the creatures of the shadow came from, they may not have entirely left it behind. Various minions have been observed to constantly emit clouds of toxic gas that doesn't seem to have any biological source within their body. Best guess, whatever magic teleported them here left a few parts of them behind in a homeworld with a high-pressure toxic atmosphere. While it is never wise to get too close to a shadow minion, that goes doubly true for creatures with the affliction.

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