The Ghost is an enemy and hunter in The Consuming Shadow.

Description Edit

Ghosts are partially see-through enemies that fly towards the player at mid speed. They cause small health loss and large sanity loss on impact with the player, but after impact, or with either one melee hit or shot, they disappear until another one spawns. Multiples can spawn per room, and they do not come from one side consistently even in the same room, but they only come from sides doors, not north or south doors. When the player is being chased by a Ghost, loud, dramatic music plays.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • The Ghost is one of the lesser threatening hunters, as a single shot from any bullet or a hit from a melee attack will cause it to disperse. Melee is recommended.

In-game description Edit

With the weakening of the barriers between worlds, restless spirits of the dead have returned to the corporeal realm, utterly mindless and deeply envious of the living. Some of the cults that worship the Ancients have made attempts to harness ghosts and use them as guardians for places and objects they wish to protect, but the ghosts' utter lack of reasoning or instruction-following skills makes this an inexact science at best. Ghosts are fairly easily dissuaded temporarily with a small amount of physical violence, but as they cannot be killed a second time, they will always return to harass you further until you either leave their chosen territory or join the ranks of the dead. While ghosts represent a reduced physical threat, they can have a significant impact on one's sanity.

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