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The Hopper is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow. It is one of the new enemies in the Insanity Edition.

Description Edit

The Hopper appears on any threat level. Its attack strategy is to hop back and forth towards the player character before protruding spikes at them. It will pause for a second between each hop, making it an open target. While common and easy to kill, they can spawn anywhere in a room. Running characters may accidentally suffer health or Sanity loss by running into its spikes or exiting a room the moment a Hopper spawns. Hoppers tend to die in three hits.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • Since Hoppers will come towards you no matter what and it can only attack from its front, you can wait for it to come to you. Stand just outside of its spikes and spam melee attacks on it.
  • If you are close enough to it while it is hopping, you can rapidly move in the opposite direction of its hops or run towards it as it hops backwards to cancel its attack animation. The Scholar and The Ministry Man can also hit it and potentially not suffer damage.
  • The Wizard will have an easier time shooting it when it has hopped away from her.

In-game description Edit

The Hopper is a juvenile creature that may be a younger form of the Fat Man, sharing its ability to extrude parts of its amorphous mass as a close-range attack. It is, however, unable to form itself into shapes with more than one functioning limb, due to its unsophisticated intelligence. This does not make it any less dangerous, as it can maintain balance on its single flea-like leg with remarkable skill, even at high speeds. A cautious creature, its preferred tactic is to sprint in front of unsuspecting prey and extrude spikes, in the hope that their target will be unable to stop in time and spear themselves. Be alert when attempting to move quickly through Hopper haunts.


If the player character dies against it, their Logbook entry will begin with, "Stabbed to death by a Hopper".

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