The player can equip up to three pieces of special equipment. These items can be purchased at stores in Towns, found in Dungeons, or recovered through random encounters.

Having an item equipped can affect gameplay in various ways, and simply having an item in your Item Inventory can unlock other options in Random Encounters; for example, having the Rosary item can reassure the person you meet in the "Disheartened Priest" random encounter, resulting in a better reward.

The various items that the player can find through the game are listed below:

Image Item Name Item Effect Usefulness in Random Encounters
B armor
Body Armor Reduces all Health damage Can be used to stop a mugger in the "Convenience Store" encounter
Breathing Mask Reduces all Toxic damage Can be used to safely rescue a person from a fire in the "Burning Building" encounter
L kit
Locksmith's Kit Lockpicking always succeeds Can be used to open a man's locked sports car in the "Stranded Businessman" encounter
L charm
Lucky Charm Increases loot recovered Can be used to help a family in the "Frightened Child" encounter
M light
Military Flashlight Increases visibility in dungeons Can be used to blind the player's would-be muggers in the "Roadside Mugging" encounter
P necklace
Pentagram Necklace Reduces Sanity penalty for casting Spells Can be used in the "Possessed roadblock" encounter
Rosary Reduces all Sanity damage Can be used to reassure the priest in the "Disheartened Priest" encounter
S stock
Shoulder Stock Increases the pistol's firing rate Can be used in the "Convict Hostage" encounter
S pads
Skateboarder Pads Prevents the Broken Arm and Broken Leg Status Effects from occurring in combat Can be used to safely rescue a child from a burning car in the "Overturned Vehicle" encounter
S vest
Stabproof Vest Prevents the Bleeding Status Effect from occurring in combat Can be used to safely rescue the wife from her attacking husband in the "Irrational Husband" encounter.
T pills
Tranquilizer Pills Prevents the Anxiety Status Effect from occurring
Exhaust Muffler Reduces random encounters on the road. Can be used to safely help the man in the "Escaping Motorist" encounter.
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