While exploring Dungeons, the player may discover stiff pieces of wire or metal that can be used to pick the locks on doors. While the player can usually find a Keyring in most dungeons, picking the door to a locked room might make a mission much faster or easier to complete. As some dungeons generate with non-mission-critical rooms locked off, it is also possible to gain access to additional loot with a lockpick. The player begins the game with 3 lockpicks by default.

If the player has not upgraded their lockpicking chance with a Birth Star, by default they will have a 15% chance to successfully open a door with a lockpick. If they fail and break their pick, they can try again with another pick and a +5% boost to their success chance.

For example, if the player uses three lockpicks on a door, the first pick has a 15% chance to unlock the door, the second pick has a 20% chance to unlock the door, and the third pick has a 25% chance to unlock the door. It is possible to break all three picks doing this, but the chance improves with every broken pick.

If a door is successfully unlocked, the pick used to open it will still be expended.

If the player has the Locksmith's Kit item equipped while they are using picks, every pick attempt will always be successful. However, even with the 100% success rate, a pick will still be used up for each unlocked door.

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