Monsters are enemies found in The Consuming Shadow. They usually spawn in dungeons, though can also be found on the side of the road through random events or jobs. Every enemy has different properties, behaviors and ways of harming the player that make them different, with some enemies being more threatening than others.

There are three types of enemies: monsters, hunter monsters and bosses, the latter of which there is only one, the Ancient. All normal monsters can be killed, and two of the four hunter monsters can also be killed.

Human Origin Monsters Edit

Cougher Spitter Birther
Cougher Spitter Birther
Big Birther Puker Dangler
Big birther Puker Dangler-0

Unknown Origin Monsters Edit

Scuttler Worker Buzzer Soldier Buzzer
Scuttler Worker buzzer Worker Buzzer
Hopper Floater Morass
Hopper Floater Morass

Human Enemies Edit

Cultist Cultist Leader Brainwashed Human
Cultist Cultist Cultist

Hunter Monsters Edit

Ghost Fat Man Overseer
Ghost-0 Fatman Overseer
Tall Man

Ancient Edit

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