The Morass is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.


Description Edit

A large stationary mound.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • In-game description suggests moving away and shooting the eye when it emerges.

In-game description Edit

 It is unclear whether the Morass is a single entity, or several smaller ones clustered together. What is clear is that it is a huge, disorganised mass of gelatinous tissue and half-digested parts from creatures it has absorbed. The Morass' sluggish movement suggests that it is unsuited to environments we consider normal, and may originate from aquatic or low-gravity worlds. Do not underestimate the danger: it only needs to touch you to start digesting you, and when prey is nearby, it can emit clouds of noxious gas by quickly tightening and untightening its mass. When it does not sense prey in the immediate vicinity, it extends an eye-like organ from its top, with which it briefly observes the surrounding area. The Morass can be pacified faster by focusing damage upon the 'eye'.


If the player character dies against it, their Logbook entry will begin with, "Horribly absorbed and digested by a Morass".

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