The Overseer is an enemy and hunter in The Consuming Shadow.


Description Edit

The Overseer manifests itself as a large face with impenetrable darkness trailing behind it. It will spawn in either end of the room and will move to the other until it hits the protagonist. Note that its spawn point is not consistent (I.e. that while it may have spawned at the west side of the earlier room, it can just as well spawn at the east side in the next). It is therefore easy to accidentally run into it coming from a northern or southern room. Getting hit by the Overseer results in the protagonist waking up outside the dungeon, a hefty loss of both health and sanity, and a couple of hours disappearing.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • The Overseer will recoil when shot by any bullet.
  • Fighting is not recommended, as the Overseer's advancement is inevitable. It is best to flee.
  • If the Overseer is blocking the player's path, they can go back one room and re-enter and hope it spawns from a different side.
  • The Overseer makes a crackling sound when it is in the room.

In-game description Edit

The Overseer is one of the more surreal creatures encountered since the coming of the shadow. Physically, it seems to be vast, large enough to fill a room, and for reasons best known to itself, it wears the appearance of a gigantic human face. One guess is that it is an amorphous being taking a shape that it thinks will disorient its victims, but this does not explain why it recoils in pain when shot directly in the 'eyes'. It has even been suggested that the Overseer is not physically there at all, but some kind of shared hallucination without physical presence. This is supported by stories of Overseer victims later being found physically intact, but for injuries inflicted upon themselves during periods of raving madness. The only confirmed fact about the Overseer is that it should be avoided at all costs.

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