The Puker's files image.

The Puker is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.

Description Edit

There are actually two types of Puker, a smaller and larger variety, which share one entry in the files. The larger Puker has more health and lower pitched sound effects.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • Running past the Puker will cause it to stop to attack, allowing the player to stay behind it and swat it with melee attacks as it scuttles along the ceiling trying to get far away enough from the player to attack again.
  • If shooting, don't shoot on sight - if you see it, you're within its attack range. Run back, then shoot.
  • A hollowpoint bullet followed by a 9mm bullet will kill a Puker.

In-game description Edit

There are few creatures as disgusting as the Puker. Resembling a skinny, broken-limbed humanoid, it constantly produces unnaturally large quantities of gluey toxic slime, with which it is absolutely coated, allowing it to stick to the ceiling. It produces this goo so prolifically that it must frequently stop to empty its stomach, but for some reason, it goes out of its way to do so only over other living things. Perhaps, in its home dimension, it was bread to act as a living utility, like a shower or food dispenser, as unpleasant a thought as that is. Whatever the case, its weakness is that it is unable to move while vomiting, so if you can dodge the cascade as it begins, the creature will be wide open for attack.

Trivia Edit

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