While driving, the player may experience random occurrences interacting with minions of the shadow, other humans attempting to flee it, or both.

Note that random encounters are partially random, so outside of the Special Options, either reaction can illicit a good or bad outcome.

The known random encounters and their possible outcomes are documented below:

Encounters [incomplete] Edit

Encounter Name Event Summary Choices Special Options
Burning Building The protagonist comes across a burning building with a pajama-clad young man out front asking for help rescuing a family member from the flames. The player can choose to assist in the rescue, which may result in sanity loss, or to restrain the survivor and keep him safe, which may result in health loss. The player can use the Breathing Mask item, if it is owned, to ensure a successful rescue and reward, as well as a sanity boost.
Convenience Store The protagonist comes across a service station that is being robbed by an armed gunman. The player can attempt to intervene and stop the robbery or avoid a confrontation. The player can use the Ballistic Armor item, if it is owned, to ensure a successful stopping of the robbery, and a reward from the cashier.
Convict Hostage The protagonist encounters a hostage situation Take a shot or talk him down The player can use the Shoulder Stock item, if it is owned, to accurately dispatch the hostage taker.
Disheartened Priest The protagonist comes across an exhausted clergyman outside a small church, who asks what has gone wrong with the world. The player can attempt to reassure the priest with a lie (no effect), or tell him the truth, causing the priest to either immediately shoot himself (Sanity Loss), or trust the player to fix the problem and turn over his firearm (five hollowpoint bullets) - only confirmed with the Scholar. The player can use the Rosary item, if it is owned, to set the priest at ease and be given his firearm, which is loaded with five hollowpoint bullets.
Engine Upgrade The protagonist finds a mechanic who offers to upgrade their engine If the player pays 15 pounds for the upgrade, two hours will pass and their car's maximum speed will be increased by an indeterminate amount. [possible to verify exact increase?] No special options
Escaped Woman The protagonist meets a hysterical woman who has escaped the Shadow A terrified woman lunges at the protagonist in a state of sheer panic. The protagonist can Slap Her or Hold Her.

Slapping her may bring her to her senses, or else terrify her further and cause her to flee back towards the Shadow.

Holding her may calm her (rescue mission starts), but if the player is unlucky she will turn out to be a changing minion of the Shadow who breaks the protagonist's arm.

No special options
Frightened Child A family's child asks the protagonist what will happen The protagonist can be honest or tell the child a comforting lie.

If they are honest, the child's father may punch them, damaging health.

If they lie, the encounter may end without incident, or they might see the child's family drive off towards a shadow-infested town, costing sanity. [incomplete]

The player can use the Lucky Charm item, if it is owned, to calm the child. They will offer the Lucky Charm to the child, who will say that the player needs it more than they do. The encounter provides a substantial Sanity boost.
Irrational Husband The protagonist finds a man about to stab his wife, who he claims is possessed by the Shadow The protagonist can either immediately restrain the man or else attempt to size up his wife before acting. Restraining the man might save an innocent woman's life, or it might give a monster time to attack. Waiting might let an innocent woman die, or it might save the player from taking any damage from a corrupted creature. The player can use the Stabproof Vest, if it is owned, to safely resolve the situation.
Police Encounter A police officer attempts to pull the protagonist over Both pulling over and attempting to flee may result in an arrest and loss of several hours and the confiscation of hollowpoint and armor-piercing ammo. In some cases, pulling over reveals the officer to be an agent of the shadow, and the protagonist is captured and must escape. As one of the Warrior's negative points is that he is wanted by the police, taking the 'pull over' option will always result in his being detained.
Possessed Roadblock The protagonist encounters a crowd of seemingly hypnotized civilians blocking the road. The protagonist can attempt to plow through them. This can result in them turning out to be monsters, and damaging the car's speed; alternatively, they may attack the car and force an 'escape' sequence from a nearby dungeon.

The protagonist can also get out to investigate. This can result in a random monster attack, or in lost time trying to navigate around them. [Incomplete]

The player can use the Pentagram Necklace item, if it is owned, to rouse the crowd from their trance and shift them. One of the group will offer intel about an affected nearby town.
Overturned Vehicle A woman flags down the protagonist to rescue her child from a burning car. The player can choose to immediately clamber into the car (Health Loss, possible bleeding, and a broken limb have been seen to result with a guaranteed rescue and reward), or attempt to clear the broken glass from the area first, which may or may not result in a successful rescue and reward. The player can use the Skater Pads item, if it is owned, to get into the vehicle quickly and rescue the child without having to worry about the broken glass
Roadside Mugging The player is caught off guard by highwaymen The player can surrender or attempt to drive off, the former resulting in the loss of time and money, the latter possibly resulting in an injury or damage to the car, resulting in slower travel speeds. If the Military Flashlight item is owned, the player can blind their would be attackers and steal cash and armor-piercing rounds from their campsite.
Stranded Businessman A wealthy looking man is locked out of his expensive sports car The player can smash the car window or attempt to pick the door lock. Smashing the window may net a small reward but it also may cause the Bleeding Status Effect. Picking the Lock may accomplish nothing and waste an hour, or it may quickly open the car and trigger a reward. The player can use the Locksmith's Kit item, if it is owned, to easily open the car and be rewarded with money and a syringe of drugs.
Supply Shop A random piece of equipment is found for sale The player can purchase the item (for a higher than normal price), leave the store, or attempt to steal the equipment, which may succeed but may also lead to a wound. No special options
Hospital A doctor in a busy hospital asks to deliver a cooler box to another town Delivering the item may result in the cooler box releasing monsters on arrival. A Dungeon quest is also a possible result. The hidden achievement "Hospital drama" is given if the heart is delivered with less than an hour remaining.
Ragged Man An old man with a heavily dishevelled appearance and ragged clothes asks for the window to be wound down The man may sell the protagonist illegal drugs for five pounds (one third of the usual rate), or attack them, resulting in health or sanity loss. No special options
Hitchhiker A young man asks for a ride to a nearby town The protagonist can simply drive away. If a lift is offered, the young man may steal the car and force the protagonist to lose four (?) hours tracking it down, or ask for a lift to a nearby friendly town, and pay with cash on arrival. No special options
Escaping Motorist The protagonist encounters a man with a working car who intends to use it to escape; but the engine is extremely loud. Warning the man that his engine will draw attention from monsters may lead him to ignore the protagonist and drive off anyway, costing sanity. Warning the man can also cause him to "repeatedly test the engine", causing noise and attracting monsters that need killing. [to be checked] The player can use the Car Muffler to quieten his engine, allowing him to escape safely. The player will not lose the item if this option is taken.
Accident The protagonist hits a living creature, but does not know what they hit. If the option to drive away is taken, a small Sanity loss results. If they opt instead to get out and see what they hit, a number of scenarios will occur. They may be relieved to see that they hit and killed a monster - or the monster will attack. Or they will find they hit a person; he may be either drunk and unharmed, or dead. If dead, the protagonist will take their money and drive away, resulting in cash gain and Sanity loss. If unharmed, it's possible for the player to give him a ride to the nearest town in exchange for a cash reward. On rare occasions the protagonist may attempt to find what they hit that seemingly crawled away, only to give up (I think an hour later, fix if time is found) and return to find their car. They will find their car undamaged, and without any signs of an accident. Furthermore, they will find themselves on unfamiliar roads once back in the car, putting the player in a random non-town location. No special options
Sleep Deprived The protagonist is extremely tired and needs to do something about it. The protagonist can take a nap; which can lead to being captured or nothing at all, try to ignore it, (potentially resulting in a car accident, hurting the protagonist and slowing the car's maximum speed) or sometimes look for a place to buy a cup of coffee (either lose 2 hours and 5 pounds, or simply lose 5 pounds) The option to buy a coffee is not always present.
Violent Teens The protagonist encounters a group of teenagers beating up an indeterminate figure. The protagonist may drive off, or make the teens stop. If told to stop, the teens may instead attack the protagonist, resulting in a loss of health. Once they leave, the figure may be revealed to be a monster, resulting in a combat encounter, or a human, which can result in either a cash reward or a timed dungeon mission in a nearby town. No special options
Abandoned item The protagonist stumbles upon an abandoned shop, where a random item is left suspiciously on display. If you choose to grab the item, you may simply obtain it with no negative results, or you may be attacked, resulting in a combat encounter or a dungeon escape mission. You will get the item in any case. No special option
Roadside church The protagonist hears a church nearby, and contemplates entering it. If you choose to enter, the protagonist may either hear a heartwarming sermon (resulting in the loss of half an hour, but a boost to sanity), hear a discouraging sermon (resulting in sanity loss), or discover that the sermon is actually a congregation of shadow worshipers (resulting in lost time and a dungeon escape mission). No special option
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