Sanity measures the mental stability of the protagonist. It is represented by the green bar on the HUD of the car and in the dungeons.

Due to the fact that Sanity can't be permanently recovered, save for a few random events, it is very important to manage Sanity carefully. As Sanity drops, the game evolves, adding in other visual or verbal effects, making the game harder.

Consequences of low Sanity Edit

  • Distracting visual effects like static.
  • Event choices get replaced with "Kill myself". Should this option be clicked, the suicide can be prevented by repeatedly clicking the mouse/pressing space. This minigame becomes increasingly difficult each time it is played.
  • Imaginary enemies appear in dungeons. These will fade as soon as they try to attack.
  • Inability to cast spells.
  • "Tainted Victory" (bad) ending upon successfully banishing the Ancient and surviving the bossfight.

Known Insanity Effects Edit

  • Static
  • Triggering the Anxiety Status Effects.
  • The player character becoming invisible
  • Reversed controls combined with the inability to run
  • Objective text being replaced with a word or phrase that repeats several times (e.g. "pain," "Kill me," etc.)
  • Illusory enemies that disappear on attacking
  • North/South doorways changing position
  • The ring of light that surrounds the character flickering rapidly
  • Ghostly figures appearing during the sped up driving segments
  • Options changing to "Kill myself"
  • Ammunition gauges appearing empty

Maintaining Sanity Edit

  • Avoid leaving rooms with non-pursuit enemies alive. An exception to this is if an enemy has not been activated (begun moving/making sound) by the player's proximity. You can leave inactive enemies behind without sanity loss.
  • Getting hit by a monster reduces sanity, therefore monsters should be shot if it's not possible to kill them with a melee attack without receiving damage.
  • Find a rosary (reduces general Sanity loss) and/or a pentagram necklace (halves sanity loss through spellcasting).
  • Avoid fleeing from dungeons.
  • Avoid getting caught by the Overseer.
  • Avoid spellcasting, since it puts a significant strain on sanity.
  • Avoid casting random spells.

Regaining Sanity Edit

  • Injecting Illegal Drugs (however this is only temporary).
  • Invoking runes on the wall.
  • Some random road events.
  • Some phone events.
  • Surviving the 'suicide minigame'.
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