Worker Buzzer

The Worker Buzzer's files image.

The Soldier Buzzer is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.

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Tips for fighting Edit

  • When the Soldier Buzzer is charging, it can be shot to interrupt its attack.
  • If the player does not wish to spend ammunition on the Soldier Buzzer or they are out of bullets, melee is a valid option when fighting the Soldier Buzzer. Repeatedly strike it and it will never have a chance to attack.
  • If the player wishes to melee attack the Soldier Buzzer, but it is charging, they should run in the opposite direction and wait until it is stationary before attacking. When the Soldier Buzzer is in its charging state, contact with it will cause damage, but if it is idle or somersaulting from taking damage, it is harmless to the touch.
  • A hollowpoint bullet and a 9mm bullet kills a Soldier Buzzer.

In-game description Edit

Soldier Buzzers are the larger, tougher equivalents to Worker Buzzer, existing purely for defense, and emit a lower buzz. They are as aggressive as their smaller brethren, but are capable of delivering stings without harm to themselves, and have been known to hound targets relentlessly. Both Buzzers move by launching themselves through the air in spasmodic little jaunts, and pause for a moment to compose themselves; this is a prime opportunity to strike.


If the player character dies against it, their Logbook entry will begin with, "Impaled through the chest by a buzzer's stinger".

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