In addition to the Ritual of Banishment, the player may also stumble across simpler two or three rune incantations, as dungeon rewards for late-game dungeons and Ministry missions, or in the place of normal clues. Casting these short incantations will provide the player with some benefit, but every time they are used, this dabbling in strange powers will damage the player's Sanity. This Sanity loss is reduced if the player has the Pentagram Necklace item equipped while spellcasting. Information on the various spells the player has discovered will be stored in the protagonist's black Spells notebook.

Discoverable Spells Edit

Two Runes Edit

Circle of Death - Damages or kills all enemies near the player.

Healing Touch - Heals the player for a moderate amount.

Night Vision - Increases the player's vision range. While the player is under this effect, enemies will become active as soon as the player enters the room, rather than waiting for them to approach within a certain distance.

Open Lock - Opens a locked door.

Strange Calm - Removes the Anxiety Status Effect.

Three Runes Edit

Clairvoyance - Reveals the dungeon map.

Mass Death - Damages or kills all enemies in the room, but has less effect at long distance. The second and third runes constitute the Circle of Death spell.

Restoration - Heals all physical status effects and restores a large amount of health. As mentioned above, formed from the runes of Healing Touch and Strange Calm.

The Scientific Method Edit

There is a pattern to the runes used for the eight spells. While it is always unwise to chant random runes, once you know one or two spells you can use the knowledge of that pattern (and one or two semi-blind castings) to work out how to cast all eight.

Effectively, each rune is assigned to one of five positions A, B, C, D, or E, and the eight spells use the following pattern:

Open Lock: A B

Dark Vision: B C

Strange Calm: D E

Healing Touch: E C

Circle of Death: A D

Mass Death: B A D

Restoration: D E C

Clairvoyance: A B E

For example, if you learn that the Restoration spell is SHM AGN KZ, you can then immediately deduce that Healing Touch is AGN KZ, and that Strange Calm uses SHM AGN. You could then "blindly" cast BTI EU, which would either result in casting the Open Lock spell, or in causing a sanity loss without a useful result; however in the latter case, EU BTI would be Open Lock, so either way you would then know enough to deduce every spell in that iteration of the game.

(This information was deduced by repeatedly starting the game as the Wizard, and tested with other characters upon discovery of a spell.)

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