Stonehenge is the final Dungeon of the game. It will always be located at the bottom of the map.

The player is tasked with discovering which of the three gods is the invader and which of the runes is associated with them. When the full banishment ritual has been discovered or if the player has gathered enough clues to wager a guess, the player must go here and find the underground chamber in which to cast the banishment ritual. There is always a corpse in the underground chamber.

Stonehenge is also the setting for The Descent, an endless series of dungeon for the Insanity Edition.

Notes Edit

  • It may be a good Idea to head to Stonehenge early in the game in order find a corpse which will reveal the aspect of the invading god.
  • Within four hours or less, the runes within the underground chamber will glow with the color of the invading god.
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