The Summoner is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow. They are one of the new enemy variants that appear in the Insanity Edition.

Description Edit

Summoners replace Cultists on higher threat levels. They look exactly like them and have similar mannerisms.

They are distinguished by their faster rune casting. If you mess up countering its runes, it will conjure a monster that is more powerful than the Cultist's. Even if an armor piercing bullet pierces through both it and its minion, the Summoner will not disappear until its minion has been killed. They have slightly higher resistance than a Cultist, taking two or three hits to disappear.

In-game description Edit

Summoners are elite members of the human cults that worship the Ancients, who have tortured and brutalised enough innocents (and fellow cultists) to have earned special favour in what passes for the eyes of their god. They have been trusted with the ability to summon and command lesser creatures from the Ancient's army, which then double as bodyguards and enforcers of the Ancient's will, should the summoner's faith ever waver. Just like their inferiors, their magic can be negated by counter-incantations, but they tend to be quicker on the draw than their associates.


If the player character dies against it, their Logbook entry will begin with, "Killed by a hostile magic spell".

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