The Tall Man is an enemy and hunter in The Consuming Shadow.


Description Edit

The Tall Man is a tall, skeletal figure with a craned neck and long, spindly limbs. Visual and auditory static occur when it appears in the room. Like the Fat Man, it can spawn from any door in a room. At close range, the Tall Man rapidly drains the protagonist's HP for as long as they are in contact. If trapped, the player can run past the Tall Man.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • Unlike the other hunter monsters, the Tall man cannot be fought in any way. Therefore, the only option is to flee.
  • As with the other hunter monsters, it is best that the player clears any normal monsters that have spawned in the room so that they do not suffer a sanity loss when leaving. However, it is better to take the loss than being touched by the Tall Man.
  • When the Tall Man is in the room, the screen starts to turn static, similar to the sanity effect. A static crackling noise will also play.

In-game description Edit

Urban legend speaks of an impossibly tall, thin humanoid, that snatches away the overly curious and the children who did not heed stories of the bogeyman. There are also stories from certain less reliable Ministry of Occultism sources relating to a 'Tall Man', a bloodthirsty lich in contract to an ancient god. Whatever connection may exist between these accounts is less important than the following advice: if your electronic equipment begins to malfunction, and you catch a glimpse of scrawny limbs moving ponderously towards you, then run. Do not look back.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tall Man is a character featured in game creator Yahtzee's other game series, the Chzo Mythos. In that series, it is discovered he is the servant of the God of Pain Chzo.
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