The player must drive from town to town through the United Kingdom* in order to fight the Shadow. Some towns have already fallen to the Shadow and some are un-corrupted safe havens, though these may yet fall to the Shadow if the player fails a mission there.


Un-Corrupted Towns Edit

Marked as green dots on the Sat-Nav, these towns are free of the Shadow's influence. For now.

While in town, the player can search for supplies to purchase, which will take one hour, or search for a local hospital to receive medical care.

Hospital Edit

At Hospitals, the player can refill their Medkit for 15 pounds, purchase additional syringes of narcotics for 15 pounds, or remove the Broken Arm, Broken Leg, and Bleeding Status Effects for 10 pounds each.

Supply Shop Edit

At the cost of one hour, the player can find a person selling equipment. The player will be offered two types of bullet that they can purchase for varying prices, as well as one random item. Returning to town from this screen will require the player to spend another hour finding the store again if they wish to purchase more equipment, but the items available for purchase in a given town will always be the same until the player leaves that town.

Fallen Towns Edit

Marked with a red circle on the Sat-Nav, these towns are under the Shadow's influence. Whether through an attack that occurred earlier or because the player failed to arrive and help in time on one of the Ministry of Occultism's Missions, these places have become corrupt hovels in which the evils haunting the country are clustered.

The player can investigate these towns and discover a Dungeon. Investigating fallen towns is a critical step in discovering clues about the Invader and the Ritual of Banishment.

Once the player has successfully completed a town's Dungeon, the town will be marked with a black X on the Sat-Nav, and if the player returns to these locations the protagonist will remark that there is nothing more to be done there.

*Or rather, England and Wales - Ireland is inaccessible, being an island, and Scotland is presumably either immune to the influence of the shadow, is capable of dealing with shadow related problems on its own, or is out of the jurisdiction of The Ministry. Or possibly the player character just really dislikes the place. Edit
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