The Tree's files image.

The Tree is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow. It is one of the new enemies in the Insanity Edition.

Description Edit

It is usually considered a boss or leader of minions on higher threat levels. Trees are often located in a corner of a room. They appear with higher frequency at Stonehenge.

It attacks by projecting spikes from the ground or ceiling. Spikes are telegraphed by a scratching noise and bubbling effect that appears before its attack. You cannot harm it until you see the meaty bulb at the end of its extruded spike. Attack that twice before the spike disappears to weaken the Tree. Its attacks will become faster when it gets closer to dying.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • Try to take it out with melee attacks since the spikes pop out very close to the player character.
  • Death spells will only be effective on the pulp of meat at the end of the spike.
  • The Warrior can dodge its spikes but will have a smaller window of opportunity to counterstrike.

In-game description Edit

The Tree is a large, vaguely plantlike entity that shares qualities with certain kinds of sea anemone. It consists of a closely-packed mass of stiff tubes which ensnare smaller creatures and trap them in inescapable sacs. The Tree sustains itself by feeding off these creatures, which remain alive and in a truly tortured state. They constantly make futile attempts to break away, causing the limbs to thrash out in a manner that can be quite harmful to an unwitting passer-by. The tree and its limbs are almost impervious to harm, bu the creatures it is feeding off are not; destroy enough of them and the Tree will be unable to sustain its existence.


If the player character dies against it, their Logbook entry will begin with, "Impaled on the arms of a Tree".

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