Worker buzzer

The Worker Buzzer's files image.

The Worker Buzzer is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.

Description Edit

The Worker Buzzer is an enemy that can often appear in any dungeon. They make a buzzing sound upon first spawning, and usually charge the Player by flying towards it at high speed.

Tips for fighting Edit

  • The Worker Buzzer moves faster than its larger counterpart, and cannot be outrun when charging.

In-game description Edit

Worker buzzers are the weaker half of a species of insect-like creatures, foul, bloated bodies that hover on thin, papery wings. Our best guess is that they exist to carry out menial fetch-and-carry tasks within a larger organisation of horrors. Their first instinct when threatened is to launch themselves at the offender, inflicting a sting not unlike that of a bee, albeit made many times more traumatic by its significantly larger size. Also like a bee, this results in immediate death for the Worker.

Trivia Edit

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